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Hi, I'm Abby and I work with people who kick ass.

I guess you could say it's my specialty.

I've had the thrill of working with hundreds of amazing entrepreneurs at Harvard Innovation Lab, MIT, SXSW, TechStars... more than I'm sure you really feel like reading. Thing is, I love entrepreneurs. Because, seriously, who's better at kicking ass than an entrepreneur?

I'm also a bit (ahem, a Whole. Heaping. Lot.) of a geek. I started life as an 8 year old games programmer (my mother swears I started before this, but I can't remember). I've been building websites since '94. And in 1996, I helped create some of the first ever applications on the web.

(you could say websites are my specialty too)

Digital Muse is the culmination of all of this goodness

Helping entrepreneurs, artists, innovators -- all of you who are putting yourselves out there to share your gifts with the world -- and creating websites that show off your awesome.

Yep, I'm a geek, but I find it all infinitely fun.

I don't take a lot of clients because I give each of my sites the love and the attention they deserve. That way you can stay busy kicking ass. And I can stay busy doing what I love and sharing your awesome with the world.

Abby Fichtner happy happy

See how happy it makes me?
(ok, I'm actually at a livestock fair here, but you get the idea...)

Obligatory bits: I've been creating websites & web apps since '94 for amazing little startups as well as a few big dogs like Microsoft, Oracle, and even Netscape (back in the day!). In between I've have had the extreme pleasure of working with hundreds of startups. I've been named one of the Top Woman in Boston Tech, an Innovation Amplifier by the Boston Globe, a Shaper of Boston's Tech Community by Mashable, and (my favorite) Boston's Startup Guardian Angel.

Most recently, I've had what I'm pretty sure are the coolest jobs ever -- first as Microsoft's Evangelist for Startups and then as Harvard Innovation Lab's Hacker in Residence. From time to time some truly extraordinary places like MIT and TEDx have brought me in to speak about technology, innovation, and pushing the edge on what's possible.

For all of this awesome though, my very favorite is when I get to create! Art, websites, code and things I haven't even dreamt up yet. And thus... Digital Muse was born.

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