Website Positioning Workshop

In this intensive half-day workshop, we deep dive into your market, products, goals and what makes you awesome to determine how to best position you to get the results you need to dominate your market.

Result: blueprint for your new website

We'll create a website blueprint that lays the foundation for your new website: what pages you need, how they'll be laid out, and what should go on each page. So now, you can get back to business while I make it all happen.

Website Creation

You get back to your business (or lounge on the beach if you prefer). I pull all your content together and design and develop your shiny new website. A one of a kind, crafted specifically for you based on our working session, your brand, and an industry/competitor assessment. (2-4 weeks)


Result: one badass website, custom designed just for you

Website Perfection

We walk through your new website, note any areas that still need content, and I train you on how to use the site.

I leave it with you for a few days so you can make any final content tweaks and test out the site hands on. Includes one round of revisions based on your feedback + one round of final tweaks to make it perfect.


Result: a perfect website (obviously) launched to the world!

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