David Beifeld Photography

This site is a tribute to David Beifeld, who traveled the world taking beautiful photographs.

A beautiful, invisible design

The design needed to be beautiful to match David's photographs, while simultaneously "getting out of the way" so that all you notice are the gorgeous photos.

David Beifeld Photography homepage - albums by country


Out of a set of over 15,000 photographs across 26 countries, I curated and arranged the best selections from each country to showcase his photography for the world to see.

At this time, there are 762 photographs from 11 countries across two continents. More are being added regularly.

David Beifeld Photography: Album for Slovakia

Optimized for Quality

The site's most important criteria is photo quality. And yet, it needs to work on phones with small screens and slower connections as well as big screens with fast ones. As such, the site was designed to retain the highest quality images while keeping the downloads as small as possible.

As you browse the images, high resolution but smaller dimension photos are delivered to you. From there, you can click into any one to open a full screen interactive slide show that allows you to view each photo in high resolution detail.

David Beifeld Photography slideshow: Buda Castle

Beautiful on every screen

The website is fully responsive - including different dimensions for each image so that it looks great on whatever size screen you choose to view it on.

Custom website -- artist portfolio - across multiple devices

... and the personal

And finally, I added a personal section about David - complete (of course) with photo album.

David Beifeld Photography - photo album of David

The Verdict

"It's hard for me to express my appreciation for the beautiful website you designed and developed for David’s photography. You've captured his passion for photography through the pictures you chose and the elegant way you've presented them. I love showing it off, everyone wants to know who the fantastic designer is."

Francine Beifeld
Founder, Travel Harmony