Keys to Literacy

Founded by nationally recognized speaker and author, Joan Sedita, Keys to Literacy helps teachers improve their students’ literacy skills.


I worked with Keys to Literacy to transform not only their website, but how they talk about and present themselves to the world.

Out with the Old, In with the New

The new site was completely re-designed from the ground up based on their goals, their changing audience, and their unique brand.

Keys to Literacy Website - before and after

Higher search ranking, more visitors

Content refresh: it's all about the customer

The first step was putting Keys to Literacy's customer at the center of the design. How do they think and talk about literacy skills? What do they need help with? What do they most want to do on Keys to Literacy's website?

This helped us craft a complete content refresh that made their site more readable and relevant to visitors.

Higher search ranking

SEO-friendly pages and sitemaps help search engines send the Right visitors to Keys to Literacy's website.

A faster website (Keys to Literacy's new website consistently loads in under 1 second) that looks great on any size screen helps Google send More visitors to their website by increasing their ranking.

Continuous monitoring & improvement

If we build it they will come is not enough.

Post-launch, I continue to monitor Keys to Literacy's analytics and search engine ranking. As part of their care plan, I provide them with monthly reports, recommendations, training, and bi-annual strategy sessions to help them continue to raise their numbers and shape their search engine traffic to meet their evolving goals.

Dynamic, engaging content

Long lists and text-heavy pages were transformed into visual, easily skimmable content with topic filters to help visitors quickly find what they need.

Keys to Literacy Videos

Single stop shop for product & event revenue

The new website makes it easier than ever for customers to purchase Keys to Literacy's products and enroll in their workshops, all from a single shopping cart.

Keys to Literacy Online Store & Events

Showcase their awesome

Amazing results

I helped Keys to Literacy showcase their impressive results with visuals that immediately convey the success schools have achieved with them.

Keys to Literacy Results Page

Incredible team

A custom team page for the founders and trainers highlight their expertise. You can click into any person on their site to view more details.

Keys to Literacy Team

The Verdict

"Working with Abby on the design and development of our website was nothing less than fantastic. Our old and outdated website was transformed into a colorful, easy to navigate, beautiful site. Abby’s passion for the work shines through with every detail.  Fast, dedicated, creative, innovative, responsive and pleasure to work with are just a few ways to describe our experience. We couldn’t be happier with the results. Moreover, after launch, the team continues to be incredibly responsive and helpful. We highly recommend Digital Muse."

Marcy Montanaro
Director of Marketing, Keys to Literacy

I can't believe how fast!

And here's an email I received from them the first day the site went live...

"Abby I can't BELIEVE how fast I was able to post a blog post today. Before, when I 'published' the blog, I used to have to wait about a minute or two for the post to actually publish.  Today, I swear, it took 1 second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Literally."