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I create websites for artists & entrepreneurs

Here's how it works...

Step 1: Pick your custom website package

and I'll take care of everything for you -- from pulling your content together to designing, developing, and launching your brand new website (and all the underlying tech stuff you don't care about) -- so you can stay focused on your business.

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Website Positioning Workshop

Are you ready to be unmistakable?

The goal of this Website Positioning Workshop is to determine how to best position yourself on the web to stand out from your competition and get the results you deserve.

This is an intensive sprint of discovery, research and inspiration that culminates in a half-day joint working session where we solidify the blueprint for your new website.

The result is a website blueprint that lays out:

  1. Your new website’s structure
  2. Initial messaging to help define your site’s voice
  3. Screenshots and/or sketches of how to visually represent key components
  4. The (type of) content that should go on each page


Unmistakable Copy

Pre-requisite: Website Positioning Workshop

Amp your Website Positioning to the next level with unmistakable copy that gets you:

  • The prices you deserve
  • The types of work you really want to do
  • The types of customers you really want to work with
  • Recognized as the expert that you are

Includes copy with wireframes for:

  • Homepage - get noticed!
  • About Page - get recognized for the expert that you are
  • Newsletter Signup - build your customer pipeline
  • Up to 6 Sales Pages - the services you want to provide, at the prices you want to charge*

Plus starter templates that you can use for your Terms & Conditions and Privacy Pages

* Sales Pages include Main Services page + individual pages for up to 5 services


Unmistakable Website

Pre-requisite: Website Positioning Workshop

Note: as of June 1st, I'm only taking on a limited number of websites

I'll design + create you a one-of-a-kind custom website, built to get you the results you deserve. I can use your copy or create it for you (see: Unmistakable Copy). There are 3 levels:

Starter Website

One-page (long/scrolling) website -- for businesses just starting off, this is often all you need to get your message out. Includes

  • Custom design crafted to make you stand out from the competition
  • Lead Capture to build your customer waiting list
  • SEO Friendly designed to rank in Google
  • Analytics to allow you to track and monitor visitors

Growth Website


  • Homepage
  • Up to 6 Sales Pages*
  • Portfolio to showcase your work
  • Blog
  • About Page
  • Terms & Conditions, Privacy Pages
  • Up to 3 additional pages (e.g., How I Work, Testimonials, Contact)

* Sales Pages include Main Services page + individual pages for up to 5 services

Deluxe Website

Everything in Growth plus:

  • Buy Now - ability for customers to buy any of your services directly on your website
  • Giveaways (e.g., free e-books) in exchange for email addresses
  • Photo touch up - make your photos shine (up to 20 photos)
Abby Fichtner follow me to where the magic happens

Step 2: See how the magic happens

Here's my process for creating custom-made, kick ass websites. See what role each of us plays, and exactly what to expect:

3 Steps to Your New Website

Step 3: Get this puppy started

Ready for your new website? Let's go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you help me get visitors? What about SEO?

Of course! I'll help you determine the best way to position your website to appeal to the types of visitors you're seeking. And I'll design it in a way that appeals to visitors and search engines alike.

After launch, I offer add-on care plans to continue caring for your site. With my premium plans, I'll help you monitor your search engine ranking and visitors, and provide recommendations and strategy sessions on how to continue to raise your numbers. 

How will this work?

Let me know you're interested in a new website and we'll schedule a time to meet so we can make sure it's a good fit for us both.

If we agree that it is, I'll ask for a 50% deposit and have you complete a worksheet with some basic background information.

Once I have all of that, we'll schedule a start date for the project -- which kicks off with an intensive half-day workshop. My goal is to capture as much information from you as I can up front so that you can go back to running your business while I build out your website!

See Three Steps to Your New Website for a complete project walk through. Most new websites are up and live within one month of project kick-off!

Ready to get started? Let's talk!

What do I need to have ready?

For best results, you'll want a solid understanding of:

  • Your business goals - what do you want to achieve over the next year? 
  • Your ideal customer - who are they and what are they looking for?
  • Your industry - who are your closest competitors and how do you set yourself apart from them?

I'll also ask for any existing copy you have that describes your business and offerings. And, of course, any branding you'd like on the website (logo, colors, fonts, etc.).

What about a domain name, host, SSL certificate, etc, etc...?

You don't need any of those (although it will be a big help if you already have your domain name!).

If you choose to go with my care plans, I'll take care of all of the technical stuff - including hosting, SSL Certificate, and a content delivery network (CDN) if you choose.

Alternately, I can set you up with all of the above on my preferred hosting provider and domain registrar, and make sure that I'm leaving you in good hands.

I'm not an artist or an entrepreneur, will you still create a website for me?

Nope. All of my websites are for artists, startups, freelancers, and small service businesses.  These are the people I know and love best and, can, hands down, make the most bad ass websites for. 

How do I decide which package to pick?

If you'd like to sell items on your website, go with the e-commerce package.

Otherwise, the Growth package is the best choice for a startup or small business looking to get recognized and attract new customers.

I also offer special packages for Artists displaying and/or selling their work online -- contact me for details.

What if I don't know what should go on my webpage?

That's what I'm here for! All of my packages start with a Website Positioning Workshop where we look at your goals, your target customers, your products/services, and what makes you unique.

During the workshop, we'll create a website blueprint that lays the foundation for your new website -- including how your website should be laid out and what should go on each page. We'll even write some of the content right there in the workshop! For the rest, I'll provide you with a content template for you to fill in the blanks and I'll then help you shape those answers into something incredible to ensure your website is compelling and engaging.

What if I want something different? Do I have to pick one of the packages?

You do have to pick a package if you'd like to work with me. But I'm happy to offer substitutions to tailor the website to best fit your needs. I also offer à la carte items you can add to any package to season to your taste:

  • Additional pages:
    • FREE unlimited standard layout pages -- you fill in contents
    • $50/page for standard-layout pages where I fill in the contents
    • $500/page for custom-designed pages
    • $1000 for a set of custom-designed pages (e.g., product pages, team pages, portfolio pages)
  • Blog $2000
  • e-Commerce/Store $2500 - $3000

Sorry, I'm not able to give credits for items that you don't use in your package, but I will substitute!

"Standard layout" refers to a page you can add via WordPress's default behavior and you add/update content through it's rich text editor vs. "Custom-designed" pages, which have a custom layout (for example, this page with it's multiple sections and advanced UI components like this FAQ. A homepage with it's unique layout is another example). If you're not sure, just ask!  

What happens after you finish the website?

The best part! First, we'll do a joint working session where we walk through your new website, note any areas that still need content, and I train you on how to use your site. Thus starts our "perfection" phase where I leave the site with you for a few days to make any final content tweaks and make sure everything is Just. Right.

Next, I launch your website for the world to see!* I'll take care of all of the technical details for you so you don't even have to think about any of that, I'm not even going to bore you with listing them here. 

After launch, I'm still there for you! I provide 30 days of free support for any issues or questions that arise. And after that -- should you desire to join one of my digital care plans -- I'll take care of everything, from hosting your website and making sure it's fast, secure and running smoothly, to content updates, to SEO recommendations, to regular check ins with you to evaluate how your website is performing against your goals.


* All website packages include free deployment to a quality host that will provide the appropriate resources, security and reliability for your new website.

Do you provide hosting and/or other post-deployment support?

I do! I put a lot of care and love into all of my sites and so hope to continue taking care of them after launch.

All of my websites come with 30 days of free support for fixing issues and answering any questions you have related to your site.

After that, if you choose, I'll take care of your website for you -- including premium (fast!) hosting, real-time security, uptime and performance monitoring, backups, regular WordPress updates and optimizations, fixing broken links, 24/7 emergency support... basically everything you need to make sure your website is up and running and humming along smoothly.

My premium care plans also come with SEO reports, recommendations and bi-annual strategy sessions to ensure you're continuing to get everything out of your website that you can!

What if I want changes after the website is completed?

No problem. All of my websites are designed to evolve with you. 

Once your website is complete, I'll train you on how to easily update your content and even add new pages, products, etc. so that you're in full control of your content.

If you'd like new features or changes in functionality, I offer concierge services and discounted project rates for all of my care plan customers.

And, if you'd rather just have it all taken care of for you so you don't have to worry about it - I even have a care plan where my team will handle all of your content updates for you -- including adding new pages, posts, and products. It's all your choice!